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Financial Freedom

While you may be keen to be in a position to write your own millionaire story, it is important to be aware of the many steps you need to take to obtain that position. There is also a need to understand why you actually want to be a millionaire? Is it for the kudos that comes with having that amount of money or is there something deeper driving you forward? While this is a brilliant figure to have in your mind to aim for, and visualising your goals will help you to keep pushing on, are you really seeking out financial independence?

If you had a million pounds in the bank, you would have the freedom of waking up that morning and knowing that whatever you wanted to do, if you could physically buy it or order it, you could do it. Clearly money can’t buy you love or happiness but then again, it can make your life easier and it can remove a lot of the stress and hassle of everyday life. This is the real reason why people desire to be a millionaire, because they want the freedom that they associate with this sort of money, but you don’t need this amount of money to be financially free. What you need is financial independence and this comes at different levels for different people.

What do you daydream of?

At this stage in life, you are no doubt tired of working and juggling your home life with the demands of your bosses. In your daydreaming moments, you will no doubt picture yourself on a beach or indulging in your favourite hobby after having told your boss where he can politely stick his or her job! The thing is though, that this isn’t really any solution or plan that tells you that you can quit your day job today, tomorrow or very soon. It isn’t doing you any favours. Yes, the quick fix and easy solution is the most attractive option but honestly, how many times do you know that this route has brought success to people?

It very rarely does and the miniscule odds of the easy solution being the answer to your financial problems or daydreams means that it isn’t a path that is worth following. Not that you should give up though, because you can take steps to bringing in more money, enjoying more financial freedom and living a life packed with more enjoyment and fun. Being able to pay your bills without having to check your bank to make sure that there is enough money in there to cover the bill is a dream of most people, and this is the sort of solution that is within reach.

Financial freedom is achievable
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Once you have reached the stage of being comfortable about paying your bills every month, you move forward. Would you like to pay off your mortgage early or help out your parents or family members who have assisted you? These are genuine and achievable goals for people and this is why the millionaire story and the lessons taught in Andrew Reynolds book, Copy This Idea, are of immense benefit.

If you come in expecting to become a millionaire in the near future, you will be frustrated, you will be annoyed and you will stop doing the things you are taught and you will eventually consider the project to be a waste of time and money. It doesn’t have to be this way though. In life we should be looking to make improvements every day and if you are keen to better your life and give yourself more time and freedom to enjoy life then this is the approach for you.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to have a great life. However you do need to work hard and generate more income, and we will show you how.

Dave Malley

Through the pages and blog on this website we would hope to help you work towards your own financial freedom. It will not be about quick fixes but more so about how you can change your life, ideas you can try and the formulation of a personal long term vision. Please feel free to contribute through the blog page.

My home page describes an offer to you. Namely how you can get a free copy of Andrew Reynolds Book, Copy this Idea. Andrew himself came from very humble beginnings. Also trapped in the rat race, working very hard getting nowhere, slipping into financial hardship. Desperate to get out he tried all sorts of opportunities before attending a seminar in the United States. This was the turning point from where he developed his system and sales philosophy which has enabled him to now bank well in excess of £50 Million.

There are no guarantees in life other than you are born and at some point you will die. Likewise we don’t guarantee that by using the information on this website that you will become a millionaire. What I do hope is that you use the information given, apply it to your life and start to turn around your own personal financial status. No one can do it for you. You must take that step yourself.

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